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Ads Buying Options

Per Location

₹ 5,000.00

GMB Ads as per location wise.

All keywords relate to services will be set in One Locations.


₹ 6,000.00

Keywords limited to Three.
3 stages of work will be done

1. location wise e.g. xyx in gurgaon
2. Area wise e.g. xyz near me
3. Area wise e.g. Nearby xyz

Note- Minimum Duration of Results are 3 to 4 Months, During the time if in case any features or Algorithms updated by Google Maps, duration of work will be extended for next one month.

Monthly maintenance charges will be same as per Local SEO (Organic) Per GMB next to remain months till a calendar year.

Per Services

₹ 4,000.00

GMB Ads as per service wise.

Keywords related to services will be set in GMB Ads per One services.


Google My Business (GMB) Ads

About Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business can provide you the ability to get your business location listed on Google Maps and local search results. Businesses can also display important information related to them, like contact details, address, link to the website, opening/closing time, etc. GMB or Google My Business is an effective tool that any business can use to own as well as edit their business listing on search results.

GMB may be called the new version of the Yellow pages that has several customizable options. Once your business has owned its Google My Business listing, you can then edit the reviews, information and upload photos and videos.

Why should you choose Google My Business (GMB) ads?

GMB ads can help you to Improve the Local Search Visibility of your business.
Setting up Google My Business or GMB listing is very simple and is the most effective way to set your business in order to be found online. As search queries are becoming more geographically specific, Google’s algorithm is developing keeping in consideration the user intent.

You may have at some point searched for, ‘restaurants near me’, you’ll notice that Google gives a list of three nearest locations based on your current location. This is because those three businesses have a GMB page which makes them one step closer to attracting customers. If these businesses would not have a GMB page their business would not have shown up. So, you need to think of it as your business, no matter what product or service you are offering.
GMB ads help you to enhance your local searches and will benefit your business without missing out on opportunities like potential new clients. Google keeps changing its algorithm so if you want to reach out to your customers you must have a GMB (Google My Business) listing which is optimized regularly.

What are the benefits of advertising on Google My Business (GMB)?

Cost-effective: As mentioned earlier GMB is a business listing platform and is the biggest search engine which can put your business in front of potential customers. The GMB listing of your business will have all the details, address, phone number, service hours, website, direction in one click. Hence, GMB ads will give an insight to your business at minimal cost.

Visibility on Google search and maps: The biggest benefit of GMB is the position it can get you on the search engine. Whenever a customer performs a Google search, the first three listings are reserved for the paid searches. The second, is a map with three highlighted local results which are known as ‘3-pack’. So, if you advertise on GMB and optimize your page well, your chances of getting to the top of search results is higher. Therefore, you can easily reach out to the audience and keep your business visible.

Messaging feature: Google has recently launched its new feature that allows businesses to directly chat with the customers. This lets businesses quickly assist and answer their customers.

GMB heat map insights: Google My Business Heat Map insights gives business owners more transparency via heat maps of locations where customers are requesting directions to the business. This new feature provides owners the ability to discover untapped geographic areas where owners may potentially expand given the demand for the product or service.

Business description: Now owners can add a business description for their Google My business page. The owners have a limit of 750 characters for giving a brief description of their business.

What is the reach of Google My Business ads?

The basic purpose of Google My Business ads is to easily target your potential customers. With GMB ads a business of any size can get their business listed on the search results which further leads the customers to visit their website and finally avail their product or service.

GMB helps to get your business appear on Google searches and maps which helps you to reach out to your target customers. Moreover, features like, images, videos, reviews, details, directions, call and messages makes it easily accessible to customers.

How to target the audience through Google My Business ads?

Optimizing Google My Business Profile: Optimizing your GMB page on a regular basis is very important, as it gives Google a signal that your business is relevant to the customers and your business can show up in the ‘3-pack’ list. Always make sure that the business information is correct and up-to-date. This means having accurate information regarding operating hours, service provided, payment methods, and others.

Grow online reviews: Online reviews play an important role, as it helps businesses drive in customers. Due to the changing consumption habits of customers online reviews have become relevant. After going through your business details customers will eventually read the reviews, so make sure your business has positive reviews.

Accurate phone number, address and information: Once you are done with the business information, you have to update the name, address and contact details, and it should be consistent across all online platforms. Information should be accessible immediately, as searching ways of customers are changings. If your business is not easily found, customers will leave, so do not hinder the ability to attract customers.

Sharing images and videos: GMB images can help directly influence the customer actions as they are more likely to be visible in that same place as the call-to-action buttons.

What are the rates of Google My Business Ads?

The rates for Google My Business may vary depending on the ad options, the type of ad determines the cost that the advertisers have to pay. The section has detailed ad rates for all media options available on The Media Ad Company portal. You can also use the advanced pricing filters to check the targeting available while advertising on GMB (Google My Business). To access the advanced pricing section, one needs to save the media option to the bag and access it there. In the same advanced pricing section, you can also check the best-discounted rate for your selected volume. However, GMB ad rates are quite cost effective, and are ideal for SMEs.

Google My Business ad agency contact: The Media Ad Company

The Media Ad Company is India’s one of the leading digital advertising agencies. With presence across top cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, we are the best digital advertising agency in India. We help advertisers plan, buy, execute, and monitor their online campaigns on GMB. Our in-house performance team ensures that your GMB advertising campaigns are monitored to ensure the best performance. In addition to this, we can also measure campaign engagement for relevant campaigns. As a leading digital ad agency, The Media Ad Company assures the best advertising rate and flawless execution of your campaigns in Google My Business (GMB). Get the best rates to place your ad in any digital platform of your choice. Our best rates for advertising in the GMB are available on our online monitoring dashboard that will help you to monitor the campaign from your phone. You can check the best rates to advertise on GMB at the Google My Business planning tool on The Media Ad Company. You can contact us over WhatsApp, Phone, or emails. Contact details are mentioned in the Contact Us section of the website.

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Per Services
Total Cost ₹ 
The total cost above doesn't include 18% GST.
How long will it take for my ad to go live?

Once the campaign is confirmed, it may take up to 48 hours for the ad to go live. 

What is the difference between CPM and CPC pricing?

CPM stands for Cost per mille viz. Cost per Thousand Impression. You pay when your ad is shown 1000 times. 

CPC stands for Cost per Click. You pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Can the impressions be distributed equally across he campaign?

Daily impression delivery doesn’t remain constant but can fluctuate by up to 200%.

Can there be a difference between number of clicks reported by the publisher to clicks being shown in my Google analytics?

The clicks shown on the report may not match the actual visits (as per your analytics) to the website as there is usually a significant click to drop off rate. Every click recorded by the advertiser's dashboard does not end up on the landing page which causes this discrepancy.

Is there a chance that my ad can get paused in the middle of a campaign?

Yes. All platforms prioritize Roadblocks over ROS ads and hence in case of such a premium booking, the delivery of your ad will be paused, and the campaign might need to be extended.


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